Hello and welcome to my little corner of cyberspace.

I've saved you a chair. Coffee's hot. Your favorite cookies are fresh out of the oven. (Better yet they're 100% calorie FREE!)

First order of business - Meg Waite Clayton deserves a standing ovation for organizing this incredible event, as well as EVERYTHING else she does for her fellow authors at She Writes. Thanks, Meg! You're an inspiration to us all.

Next on the agenda - Slide your chair a little closer to the computer screen as I top up your mug of coffee. Oh, and please help yourself to another cookie. (Go on, I'm not keeping tabs. Besides, they ARE your favorite!)

Comfy? Good. Take as  l..o..n..g  as you like to browse my blog.  

My blogging tips:
(1) Become a follower to blogs you like
(2) introduce yourself via a comment, and
(3) help yourself to another cookie. ZERO calories, remember? ;-)

Finally, enjoy the Blogger Ball, and thanks for dropping by.