Kudos to Author Cecelia Dowdy

Since becoming a blogger, I subscribe to a lot of blogs. I've replaced reading the morning newspaper with blog posts. They're a wealth of information, and allow me to follow some amazing, talented people.

Author Cecelia Dowdy is one of those individuals. We've emailed a few times. Commented on each other's blogs. We're both authors.

This week she wrote on her blog Cecelia's Christian Blog that a reader had compared her to Debbie Macomber. What a compliment and honor to be associated with one of the romance industry's most loved, read and prolific authors.

Kudos, Cecelia!

A few years ago I attended a writers conference where Ms. Macomber was keynote speaker. She scanned the room of hundreds of wannabe writers. Smiled, and then mentioned a good friend had once asked how she could stand up in front of all those people conference after conference, and encourage attendees to continue writing when in reality only a few would ever get published.

Ms. Macomber's response? Which ones would she discourage? She mentioned her own struggles to publication. Her trials and tribulations of being the world's worst speller, of desperately needing a second income to make ends meet. Despite everything, the odds, the bleak state of the economy, the pile of rejections, she knew she was destined to be an author.

I imagine Cecelia has felt that same raw and yet, invigorating emotion. I have. It starts deep down in your bones, and invades your very soul.

Congratulations, Cecelia, on achieving your dream. Kudos too, on a well deserved compliment. Chesapeake Weddings is definitely on my TBR list!

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