Motive, Opportunity and Means

Welcome to another Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday. This excerpt is from DEFENDING GLORY, first book of the Piedmont Island Trilogy series.

The hero, Mac, has worked hard to keep his past a secret. Now, it's out.

Mac’s leg throbbed as he watched the last of the police vehicles drive out the lane, but he ignored the pain. Much to his chagrin, his past career was now common knowledge. He’d caught the pastor’s ‘I-knew-it’ reaction, Glory’s wide-eyed surprise, and the sheriff’s disbelief--along with Smith’s distain. Mac had no doubt the sheriff would delve deeper into his past, mainly because if he were in the sheriff’s shoes that’s exactly what he would do.

The goal in any murder investigation is to find the person with motive, opportunity and means, and chances are that he--or she--is guilty.

Even Mac could see he had all three.

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