"Daffodils" by Donna B. Snow

My guest today is Donna B. Snow, author of Daffodils, and blogger at “Let's find a good Christian story together...”

Anne - Welcome to my Piedmont Island Trilogy blog, Donna. I’m so glad you could drop by and talk writing. But first, share something about yourself with us.

Donna – I’m over 45 and I've stopped counting, but I've been happily married for 17 years and hope for many more. Our teenage daughter is an absolute joy and I can only hope it will stay that way. I have two passions - music and writing, and God has blessed me in both. What a joy it is to be able to use the gifts He's given me to honor and glorify Him in word and song. I'd love to have you join me on this journey.

Anne - Tell us about your book.

Donna - Daffodils is a heartfelt story of...what if. Reunion stories have always been a favorite of mine because after all, who doesn’t like to get a second chance to fix mistakes they’ve made?  Who doesn’t wish they could step back and change a path they took? It’s all about the happy ever after. I just love it!

Anne - Is there a message in Daffodils you want readers to grasp?

Donna - The biggest message of all is that God does in fact use all circumstances toward our own good, even when we don’t see it. There’s one of those “Aha” moments in this story that I absolutely loved writing.

Anne – Oh! Now, I’m intrigued! Guess that means I have no choice but to add Daffodils to my TBR list. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Donna - Knowing when the story is at that crucial turning point and it’s time to start writing the final scene as opposed to building it more.

Anne - Any words of advice for struggling, unpublished writers?

Donna - It took me ten years from the time I started writing, until my first published story. DON’T EVER GIVE UP. If there’s a story inside you that you just have to get out, then write it down and polish, polish, polish. Find a good critique partner or friend who can point out the bad as well as the good and then rewrite it and polish some more! And then find the right publisher for that story and be ready to rewrite some more.

Anne – Super writing advice. It took me longer than ten years, and while I won't admit to the exact length of time, let's just say I've got you beat by a mile! Outside of writing, what accomplishment are you most proud?

Donna - My accomplishments are not my own. They are all gifts from God. It’s not a matter of being “proud” of them so much as being thankful. And I am extremely thankful for the musical abilities He has given me, and the songs He has given me to write. If it’s His will, someday I hope to have my music published, too.

Anne – Every author is asked “What’s your story about?” Can you tell us in four sentences?

Donna – Margaret Ellington and Lukas North have a history to resolve. He's determined to reclaim the love he threw away ten years earlier. She’s afraid to relive the past and let her heart be broken again. When the past repeats itself, can there be a different outcome?

Anne – Well done! Would you share an excerpt of Daffodils with us?

Donna – My pleasure.

“Oh, hey, there you are.” He hesitated in the doorway, resting a hand on the frame. He lowered his voice. “You OK?”

She chewed on her bottom lip and nodded, afraid that if he came near her she would collapse in those arms; arms she knew were strong enough to hold her up. Arms she had missed for years. She hated herself for wanting to feel them wrap around her again.

A glimmer of a smile creased his lips, as if sharing her pain. She remembered other smiles, other glances across different rooms. She sighed and looked back outside.

After ten years, the memory of Lukas disappearing from her life still haunted her. She had worn his engagement ring through the last half of their senior year. Then a month before their wedding day, he left. No goodbye, just a letter—as if that was enough. Then poof. He was gone. She gave the ring to her mother and never saw it again.

The pain of lost love still lingered. It was best left in the past, but she had never figured out how to let it go. God knew she tried. The contradiction tore at her heart. Losing Lukas hurt worse than anything else in her life, but the love never died. If only she could have loved Peter with that same fervor, instead of the halfhearted love she had given him. Oh, she had tried, but it wasn’t the same.

Margaret took a deep breath. Her gaze lingered on the backyard for a long moment. Straightening her shoulders, she led the way down the hall, stepping silently past Lukas.

Anne – What are reviewers saying about Daffodils?

Donna – This is from The Romance Studio: "Ms. Snow wrote a beautiful book concerning second chances. This inspirational book is a realistic look at the emotional lives of two former friends. Snow's characters are expressive and they grab readers' attention and, in my case, leave a vivid impression. The willingness of Snow to show her spiritual side is another of her endearing qualities. She addresses the poignant relationship between her characters and God and makes a great impact. However, she doesn't do it in an offending way.

The ending of this book was exciting. It was, however, totally unexpected. The book has a certain pull others will be drawn to. I am proud to recommend this book to every age. It has a touching storyline which will remain with me after the last page is read."

Anne – As I said, Daffodils is definitely going on my TBR list! Thank you so much for sharing your time, expertise and talent today, Donna.

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