The Dark Side of BSP

The dark side of blatant self promotion is the endless supply of stuff an author can order online. Whether it's business cards, tee-shirts, caps, bookmarks, note cards or magnets, an author can spend days, weeks and months (as well as a lot of money) on these items.

Still, it's not all bad. In fact, I think it's fun. Having attended (and graduated) art college a gazillion years ago, and being totally incompetent as a painter or sculpture, I'm thrilled to announce some of that training has finally paid off.

I designed the card shown above ALL BY MYSELF! I'm not exactly sure where or how I'm going to use it to promote my next release, but that's another subject for another day!

I know I'm not the only author who accumulates this kind of stuff. How have you promoted your books? What worked? What was the absolute worst idea you ever tried? Aw, come on! Spill!

I'll give a pdf copy of Protecting Hope (once it is released) to the winner of the worst BSP ever. (Contest ends September 15, 2011.)

Let's talk!

* * *