Karen Zemek

My guest today is Karen Zemek, author of My Funny Dad, Harry. Karen grew up with two foster sisters and a foster brother. She is a secretary at a law firm and lives in Parma, Ohio, with her husband. She enjoys bowling, tennis, and reading.
Anne – Welcome to my blog, Karen. Tell us about your book.

Karen - My Funny Dad, Harry is a memoir about my dad's love for his family, his cats, others and his fight to stay independent into old age. I share some funny things he did, some of his brilliant ideas, how our relationship grew as I got older,  struggles as his primary caregiver during his last years, and how God helped me through the difficult months following his death. 

Anne - Is there a message in My Funny Dad, Harry you want readers to grasp? 

Karen - The message is that loving families really do exist and to cherish the time you have with your loved ones by showing you care by your actions. Also, knowing Jesus gives us peace when death takes our loved ones from us. Any elderly person or a primary caregiver for an elderly parent will find this book touching and interesting, I'm sure.

Anne - What is the hardest part of writing for you? 

Karen - The hardest part in writing this book was deciding what things to include and what to omit. I wanted to share personal feelings and things that happened to give an accurate picture of my dad and would show what a strong bond we had without sharing things that would embarrass him if he were still living. It was a fine line but I think I did okay. Since I was writing this in his memory and cats were such a big part of his life in the end, I included them as well because I knew it would have pleased him; however, I didn't want to bore the reader with too many cat tales.

Anne - Any words of advice for struggling, unpublished writers? 

Karen - My advice would be to consider self-publishing. I used Outskirts Press and the book was published eight months from when I started writing it. I would recommend though that you have it professionally edited.

Anne - Outside of writing, what accomplishment are you most proud? 

Karen - I am most proud of my years of faithfully serving Jesus, my Lord, through children and youth ministries.

Anne – Where can readers visit you online?

Karen – On my blog.

Anne – Thanks for dropping by, Karen. I wish you every success both personally and professionally. Happy writing!

* * *