Taglines and BSP

Most writers will admit writing a book is easier than reducing their story to a single sentence. Yet, a tagline is an important and necessary promotional tool.


Readers are busy. They have obligations and responsibilities and few have all day to chat about your book.

They want the short version. Now.

The tagline for Protecting Hope, second book of the Piedmont Island Trilogy is "Serene Piedmont Island seems the perfect place for a workaholic accountant to kill five weeks...until she realizes someone is trying to kill her."

That single sentence provides the reader with the bones of the story. Take one workaholic accountant, put her on serene Piedmont Island for five weeks, and then add a person who wants to kill her. Voila! A fast-paced mystery. If this type of book appeals to the reader, she may put it on her TBR list.

That works for me. Btw, Protecting Hope will be released SOON. I'll keep you posted!

What's your favorite tagline? (It can be from one of your books or one you've read.) Lemme know...

* * *