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My guest today is Katy Lee. Katy writes higher purpose stories in high speed worlds. As an inspirational author, speaker, home-schooling mom, and children’s ministry director, she has dedicated her life to sharing tales of love, from the greatest love story ever told to those sweet romantic stories of falling in love. Her fresh and unique voice brings a fast-paced and modern feel to her romances that are sure to resonate with readers long after the last page. Her debut novel Real Virtue is a finalist in many writing contests, and took second place in the 2011 Georgia Maggie Award of Excellence. Katy lives in Connecticut with her husband, three children, and two cats. Welcome to Piedmont Island, Katy.

Katy - Thank you, Anne, for having me on your blog today! I am so excited to be here, and I am excited to share about my debut novel, Real Virtue with all your readers. 

Anne – In that case, let’s talk writing! When did you first realize you were destined to be a writer?

Katy - I first realized I was a writer when I made someone cry with my writing. It’s not that I take joy in seeing people weep, but as an avid reader, I understood how powerful words could be. Many a book has reduced me to tears, and it’s those books that I hold near and dear to my heart—and close to my fingertips for a quick re-read. But the fact that something I personally wrote had that effect on someone else opened my mind to the possibility that this might be a calling for my life. Once I accepted that, I couldn’t stop.

Anne – How many rejections have you received? Was one more memorable than others?

Katy - I have no idea how many rejections I received. I didn’t see a point in counting them. I was still going to write, anyway. Some offered good advice, which I took. Others didn’t make sense. It was obvious they barely looked at the submission – and not someone I would want to work with. My advice to unpublished writers: it’s okay to be choosey. Find the agent/editor that not only loves your work, but someone you have a mutual respect with.

Anne – Tell us about your romantic suspense, Real Virtue.

Katy - In a virtual reality game where she can fly, someone’s aiming to take her down.

Mel Mesini is a New York City restaurateur and an avid, virtual reality world traveler. But her successful life—both online and in reality—takes a swerve the night her father is seriously injured in a hit-and-run. To make matters worse, Officer Jeremy Stiles, the man who had once cut her deep with his harsh, rejecting words, is heading the investigation.

When Jeremy realizes Mel is the actual target, his plan is to protect her—whether she wants him to or not. What he wants is answers, especially about this online game she plays. Is it a harmless pastime as she says? Or is she using it to cover something up? As a faceless predator destroys the things that matter to her, Jeremy knows he’s running out of time before she loses the one thing that matters most—her real life.

Real Virtue is available now in ebook from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Paperback coming this fall! 

Anne - What do you enjoy most about writing?

Katy - My favorite part of writing is the research. I know I learn more than will ever get into my stories, but I love stretching my mind and filling it with knowledge. I didn’t realize research was so exciting for me until I took a personality test in a leadership course I was taking at the local college. The outcomes for the test were nine different personalities, one of which was The Researcher -- A person who seeks knowledge for understanding life. I passed that one over, dubbing it as “booooring,” and zeroed in on The Artist -- A person who seeks beauty in life. I thought for sure that was me. Imagine my disappointment when my scores came back announcing me as The Researcher. Seriously? But after my initial desire to flush the test, I started to realize that I do live to understand how things work, and in fact, I don’t need to seek beauty in life -- I can actually research how to make my own. That’s when I started writing and doing just that.

Anne –Outside of writing, what accomplishment are you most proud?

Katy - Well, I can’t say this accomplishment is something I am proud of, but more of a feeling of gratitude. We are a home-schooling family, and I love that I get to be my kids’ teacher. I guess they’re pretty lucky that their mom is The Researcher. All that knowledge comes in handy!

Anne - Of the characters you’ve created, does one hold a special place in your heart? Why?

Katy - The one that holds a special place in my heart is Arlene Mesini from my current release, Real Virtue. Arlene is the mentally-ill mother of my heroine, Mel, and the driving force behind Mel’s pain. Arlene is mirrored after my own mom, who suffers from schizophrenia. I created her as a way for me to honor my mom and all the inner demons she fights daily to keep control over her mind. I hope Arlene came close to doing my mom justice.

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Anne – Thanks so much for dropping by today, Katy. It’s been such fun and I wish you every success with Real Virtue.

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