Adelle Laudan, Author of Heart of Steele, Talks Writing and #Giveaway

My guest today is author Adelle Laudan. Besides writing, she states she is “a mom first before anything. I have four wonderful kids, two of which (my girls) are still under my wing.” Adelle lives in southern Ontario, Canada, and her passions are family, writing, reading, sewing and motorcycles.

Anne - Welcome to Piedmont Island, Adelle. It’s a gorgeous sunny spring day in this neck of the woods, and perfect for riding a motorcycle. Before you do that, however, please join me on the deck. The coffee is fresh, the muffins still warm from the oven, and the view of Lake Superior is breathtaking. It’s a perfect place to talk writing. 

Let’s begin with your five favorites – author, actor, movie, song, quote, that is!

Adelle - Fav author:  I have a pretty diverse taste in books, covering many genres. The first author who popped in my head is John Grisham. Fav actor: Sandra Bullock, Fav Movie:  The Notebook. Fav Song : A Thousand Years by Christina Perri  (My fav right now. It might change tomorrow, LOL!) Fav Quote: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr Suess.

Anne - Tell us the defining moment when you felt as if you’d finally made it as an author.

Adelle - It is probably when I opened my email and found my first ‘fan mail’. The reader was so kind, she actually brought tears to my eyes. I felt such a sense of accomplishment. Today, I value each and every one of my readers and love when they take the time to send me a note.

Anne - How many rejections have you received? Was one more memorable than others?

Adelle - I’ve been very lucky and have only received a couple of rejections. Even so, it stung. Once I felt sorry for myself for a little bit, I submitted to another house and was offered a contract. J Today, I see rejection as a challenge, and it makes me more determined to prove my work is worthy of being published.

Anne – Do you have any words of advice for struggling, unpublished writers?

Adelle - I think the most important lesson learned is to ‘remain teachable’. No matter how many   books you have published, or how many courses you’ve taken, there is always something to learn about the craft. Seek out authors who are willing to share their experience. You will find most are more than willing to help.

Anne - Would you share an excerpt of Heart of Steele with us?

Adelle – It would be my pleasure!

She raised her glass. “Truce?”

Noah visibly relaxed and returned her smile. “Truce.”

The boat slipped away from the dock.
“I can’t believe we’re actually on a boat. I’m afraid I’ve only been on much smaller boats, where life jackets were mandatory. As was hanging on for dear life,” she joked.

“Would you like to go up on deck? The view really is spectacular at night. Marcus will let us know when dinner’s served.”

The deck offered a magnificent view of the glittering city lights. She’d imagined their dinner together would be memorable, but never in her wildest dreams did she think she’d be dining aboard a private yacht on the St. Lawrence Seaway. A slight breeze lifted the hair from her neck. Not a ripple or another boat for as far as the eye could see.

“Did you reserve the whole river?”

Noah chuckled. “Not even a Steele has that much power.”

Kara remembered her doctor greeting Joni’s arrival into the world. Welcome to Brockville, home of a Thousand Islands. The harbour yawned open to a stupendous glass pool. She welcomed the fresh air and took a deep cleansing breath.

They stood in silence under a canopy of twinkling stars. In the background, the sultry tones of a romantic sax serenade. It seemed he’d gone to a lot of trouble for this dinner, and he’d promised no strings attached. Kara caught a glimpse of his profile. He gazed out over the beauty that surrounded them, as hers remained transfixed on the beauty beside her. She’d never used the word beautiful to describe a man before. The moon illuminated his flawless skin; not even a trace of stubble so many men got soon after they’d shaved. Once again, she resisted the urge to release his hair from the pony tail.

“Do you approve?” 

The huskiness of his voice rendered her speechless. Heat rushed to her face, and she averted his scrutiny.

Noah placed a finger under her chin and lifted her face so she was forced to look at him. “Why can’t you look at me?”

Her breath hitched at what she saw in his eyes. Before she could utter a word, he dipped down and gently covered her lips with his. The softness of his touch surprised her.

He stepped back and looked intensely into her eyes. In that moment, they were the only two people in existence. He kissed her again, this time with a sense of urgency. Her body responded and melded to his firm chest. A groan erupted from deep within him, and she gasped.

Someone cleared their throat behind them, interrupting the intense moment. “Pardon me for the interruption, but dinner is served,” Marcus announced.

Kara welcomed the timely interruption. She broke free of Noah’s hold and turned toward the dining room. “I’m starved. Shall we go?” she said breathlessly.

Anne – What an enjoyable read. I’ve actually taken a boat tour on the St. Lawrence River, and reading your excerpt transported me back there…well, almost. I didn’t have Noah with me, but if I had I imagine it would have been extra special!

You’re offering a giveaway copy of Heart of Steele to one lucky reader. What question would you like them to address in a comment to be eligible for the draw?

Adelle - There will be two winners. One winner will receive an ecopy of Heart of Steele and the 2nd winner, a beautiful heart bracelet as featured on the cover. Contest is open internationally. Good luck!

Thanks for having me Anne.

Anne - I enjoyed every minute of your visit, Adelle. Thanks for dropping by. Good luck to readers. Winners of Heart of Steele will be announced here on May 28, 2012.

* * *