What if…the Author Trusts the (Writing) Process?

Last time I posed the question - what if the author hates the story? By story, I meant the author’s current work-in-progress. While I would wager the majority of writers reach a point where they’re anxious to finish the book and move on to the next, few will abandon a manuscript less than five thousand words before they type ‘the end’.

I did.

It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Walking away from a story that just felt wrong in so many ways is probably the second smartest thing I’ve ever done. (The first was having the good sense to marry my hubby. We celebrated our 30th anniversary this year. But alas, this post is about writing, the second love of my life!)

Ten days into the decision to cast aside that 55K monkey on my back, I’m thrilled to report the words are flowing. What if situations and story ideas are bouncing around inside my head like pin balls on steroids. For the first time in a very long time I’m not only able to write, I’m trusting the process.

What’s the process?

Wish I knew. All I can say is my process is unlike any other. It’s mine. It’s the way my brain works. It’s my unique way of starting with a vague story idea and allowing it to grow and morph into a full-fledged novel. It’s committing one word to paper at a time. It’s making changes along the way and not freaking out. It’s a process that begins with a single word that becomes a sentence, paragraph, scene and chapter.

Every writer has her own process. Some plot. Others place fingers on the keyboard and hand over the reins to the muse. Whatever the process, I’ve learned allowing it to unfold naturally and without restrictions is the best case scenario for my muse, me, and the story.

It’s early days yet, but with 6500 words and counting I’m confident I did the right thing. I’m writing again. My way. My process. And it feels incredible!

What is your process? Are you a plotter? Do you throw caution to the wind and write organically? Or do you combine the two? I look forward to your reply.

Until next time, happy writing…and remember to Trust the Process!

* * *